Mix 50% Faster With Pre-Blended Mortar

Stop wasting time at the sand pile and start spending more time laying blocks. With Amerimix pre-blended mortar, your team can be more productive, jobs get done fast and you save on labor and materials.

If you're still stuck in the sand, it's time to make the switch to Amerimix.

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Mix Less. Save More. Build Big.

Get more done faster on a typical 200,000 block job

Such as a School or Airport Terminal

*Based on a job with 200,000 8x8x16 blocks.
**Comparison between one bulk bag of wet Amerimix that yields 28.5 CF and a standard field batch that yields 3.15 CF.

Advantages Advantages
Advantages Advantages

Stop wasting time on the sand pile. Get Amerimix.

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